You are required to watch any one of the following movies for this assignment: My Big Fat Greek Wedding Crash The Devil Wears Prada Madagascar 1 Madagascar 2 27 Dresses Inside Out Little Women The Negotiator Seabiscuit A Beautiful Mind Ford vs. Ferrari Revolutionary Road My Sister’s Keeper Rock Star Hidden Figures Marley & Me Seven Pounds Chocolat The Pursuit of Happyness Eragon The Break Up Million Dollar Baby A Star is Born Please keep in mind that these movies are rated from ‘G’ to ‘R.’ Choose whichever movie you prefer to work with for this project. Depending on how extensive your personal DVD collection is, you may have to rent online from iTunes, Google Play, or YouTube. You can also find most of these on Netflix. Once you have viewed the movie of your choice, prepare a paper using the following headings to frame your analysis: 1. Introduction This should include the title of your movie and a 1-2 paragraph overview of the movie that includes the names of the characters, their roles and the events within the story line that “make the movie.” 2. Communication Basics Choose one character in the movie to analyze. Provide a brief 1-2 paragraph introduction about the character. Then, provide an analysis of the character using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This may be done in a list format using each step as a heading in a table. Following your initial analysis, provide a 2-4 paragraph summary of the communication principles the character demonstrated in the film, including examples. To conclude this section, provide a 1-2 paragraph overview of how the character demonstrated characteristics of a competent communicator, including examples. What are areas they need to improve? 3. Self-Concept and Perception In 2-4 paragraphs, provide an overview of how the character demonstrates reflected appraisal as well as how their significant other in the film influenced his/her behaviour. In 1-3 paragraphs, provide examples of how the character was influenced by social comparison. In 2-3 paragraphs, explain the influences on the character’s identity. In 1-3 paragraphs, explain one self-fulfilling prophecy the character demonstrated and how that self-fulfilling prophecy influenced their interpersonal relationships and communication. Using the ″pillow method: a tool for building empathy″ from Module Activity 3.3, apply this concept to the character in the film. You may use a table for this activity as well. 4. Emotion and Expression In 2-4 paragraphs, explain a time in the movie when the character experienced emotional responses. Explain his/her physiological changes, nonverbal reactions and cognitive interpretation(s) of the emotion(s). In 1-3 paragraphs, give three examples of nonverbal communication to describe the nonverbal interaction between the character and others. 5. Listening and Relating Provide an overview, in 2-4 paragraphs, of the types of listening responses the character demonstrated in the film, including examples. 6. Relationship Analysis Analyze a relationship in which the character is engaged. Use Knapp’s developmental model of relational development and maintenance as a lens for your analysis. This should take approximately 2-4 pages. Be sure to clearly identify each step in the model in your analysis. 7. Conflict Analysis In 2-4 paragraphs, give examples of confirming and disconfirming messages. In 2-4 paragraphs describe the conflict style used by this character, with examples. What was the conflict outcome? Who won, and who lost? Would you consider this healthy conflict? 8. Conclusion Over the course of the film, how does your character change? Does their interpersonal communication improve? What is the result of their actions? What do they learn? What did you learn? Submit this assignment to the assignment dropbox. Writing Format: APA style (title page, double space, page numbers, headings) If you quote from the textbook, please give a page number for an in-text citation. 8-12 pages