Northport’s Councilor, Frank Frankinson, has recently resigned. Rebecca, the editor of the The Daily Read, a national newspaper, suspects that it is due to his alleged associations with extremist, right-wing organisations. Rebecca telephoned Frank to tell him that she intended to run a story on his resignation, asked him if he had any comment, but was informed that he had no wish to speak to her. The next day, The Daily Read ran a front-page article on the subject. The article carries a picture on the front page, taken by Rebecca at the annual open party at the Town Hall. It shows Frank dressed in a Nazi uniform, with a swastika clearly visible on his arm. The caption reads ‘Council dictator resigns in shame’. The picture’s caption does not mention that the party was fancy dress. The text of the article alleges that Frank had Nazi sympathies, that he did not disclose that he had been a member of a right-wing extremist group and thus had deliberately and dishonestly misled the Council. Although brief mention is made of the charity work undertaken by Frank, the tone is generally very disparaging of him. Another article on page two of the Newspaper states that Frank was having a homosexual affair with his male secretary for over five years, and that Frank’s wife was unaware of this. Frank’s wife knows about the affair but has forgiven him and is working hard to get the marriage back on track. Frank sues the Daily Read for Libel and further claims that the newspaper had no right to publish details about his affair. After reading the article, Bex, posts the following on Facebook: “On my third bottle of red wine!!!! Frank Frankinson is a vile waste of space.Degrading and inhumane torture of his decrepit body is too good for him so only the sight of his wife being brutally murdered would be punishment enough for his sins.” The Facebook post was reported to the police. Advise the Daily Read and Bex as to their potential liabilities in relation to the scenario above.