found this piece on mathaf: Arab museum of modern art website.

it needs to be a specific aspect of this artist that you would like to reflect on.

Contemporary art in Qatar – (10%) 600-800 words reflection essay on contemporary art in Qatar; this short paper will need to be presented in an acceptable academic format (minimum 3 items in bibliography), it will focus on one specific aspect of your choice on contemporary art in Qatar, for instance you can
explore the relationship between Qatar, Asian and ‘Arab’
investigate the diversity of art produced in Qatar
environmentalism and art in Qatar
socially engaged art in Qatar
gender and contemporary art in Qatar
This short assignment will demonstrate your knowledge in the subject (LO1), analyze a specific context/question/artwork/artist (LO2), provide critical interpretations with reference to the relevant scholarship (LO3), and prove your ability to conduct some short individual research on a chosen topic and present it in a professional manner (LO4).

– 3 annotated bibliography