making a speed drill, or technique for a specific athlete. Tell us about your drill, show us your drill (video or drawing), tell us about your athlete/person and how it will benefit them in sport.. In your response please touch on:. A visual or video of your drill. A step by step coaching guide with coaching points and cues. A piece of literature to support your goals with your drill/technique. Support your train of thought with the literature. You can use, your phone, a visual, a YouTube video etc. to show the class your drill/technique. When you are describing your drill/technique your coaching cues will be important. A few items to think about:. 1. Identify the aim of your drill. 2. Describe the action of your drill (what does it use). 3. Thoroughly discuss your coaching points. 4. Discuss variation (is this drill for male/female or all athletes, can it be done with one leg, a band…etc) 5. Remember to discuss the “why” for your dridfpll and its benefits for your athlete