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Lynda_Role of NP in Cultivating and Sustaining Civility
Role of NP in Cultivating and Sustaining Civility

Incivility in the workplace, especially in nursing, takes different forms and shapes. Incivility comes in the form of actions, words spoken, and unspoken. It could take the form of rudeness and insolent actions, using condescending tone, gossiping, and slandering (Clark, 2017). Such actions are an offense to peers’ self-esteem and do disrupt the professional code of conduct in an organization. Just like other professions, civility issues are common in the nursing profession. As advanced practice registered nurses (APRN), we are ambassadors of civility. The APRNs’ professional growth comes with responsibility, influence, and accountability; therefore, nurse practitioners (NPs) must assume champions’ role in establishing the climate and culture of civility in the nursing profession. In healthcare, lack of civility impacts not only the staff, but it also impacts patient care, stakeholders, and the organization at large (Clark, 2013). As APRNs, taking the lead and having an honest conversation about conflict is one way of maintaining civility. Civility is sincere respect for one another while expressing our differences.