Please review the three sources below and summarize them in 2 pages. See attached sample paper’s literature review section for example.Sources:Baker, D., Lambert, E., & Jenkins, M. (2005). Racial Differences in Death Penalty Support and Opposition: A Preliminary Study of White and Black College Students. Journal of Black Studies, 35(4), 201-224. Retrieved November 19, 2020, from, M., & Hurwitz, J. (2007). Persuasion and Resistance: Race and the Death Penalty in America. American Journal of Political Science, 51(4), 996-1012. Retrieved November 19, 2020, from, G., RADELET, M., & SHARP, S. (2017). RACE AND DEATH SENTENCING FOR OKLAHOMA HOMICIDES COMMITTED BETWEEN 1990 AND 2012. The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (1973-), 107(4), 733-756. doi:10.2307/48572977