Mid term Assignment with 3 Tasks. Task 1: COACHING EXERCISE WITH REFLECTION (1,500 words)Listen to the audio recording on the coaching exercise; You are the coach in this audio recording. Write a reflective essay using a noted model of reflection (see the guidance on reflective writing). Based on what you experience as a coach on the audio recording and feedback you receive from the observer. Your reflective essay should be focused on analysing the stronger and weaker points of the coaching conversation, reflect on what you have learnt and what you will do to develop your coaching skills further. Task 2: Leadership skills development record and plan (1,200 words)Refer to your leadership skills development record (attached file) Then, utilising the headings below, produce a plan of how you will develop your leadership skills over the coming two to three years. You should refer to the intended learning outcomes of the module listed on the next page, considering how you will develop skills based on skills in (1) leading and managing people effectively, (2) managing inter-personal relationships and (3) interpreting people analytics. You should also refer to relevant theory and evidence to support your development plan.Headings• Context/Introduction• What do I want/need to learn?• Actions to achieve this• Resources or support needed• Potential barriers to success• Success criteria & benefits of success• Target dates for review and completion• Conclusion• ReferencesTask 3: Leadership scenario (2000 words)Write an essay of approximately 2000 words on the case study and file attached (title:what is competence.pdf)In your essay include attention to relevant aspects of leadership, motivation and strategic human resource management. You should also refer to theory and evidence.Case study1.​What is competence? Theory, policy, and practiceProvide a critical review of the strengths and weaknesses of the Airbus competence forecasting and planning process. Include attention to the relevance of a principles based strategic approach to workforce planning (human capital requirements) and employee motivation and development and to the different roles of executive leadership, leadership of the HR function, and line manager leadership of employees.