select and interview a prominent nursing health care leader in their role of Nurse Manager, Nurse Director, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer (please refer to facility’s organizational chart), Nurse Theorist or Nurse Entrepreneur.1.The professor must approve the selected Nurse Leader to determine if the role is appropriate to assignment.2. The paper should include a brief biography3. A description of the leader’s philosophy(ies)/theories utilized to guide his/her nursing practice4. Major professional contributions,5. Past work experiences6. A description of his/her leadership style and vision,7.Thoughts about mentoring and advise for new nurses entering the profession.8. Ideally, students will choose a nurse leader currently in an area they are interested inpursing.9. Write with an intention to publish. the nurse theorist I chose is JEAN WATSON(creator of caring science theory). This is who the paper is about while using the above points as a guide. APA REFERENCE PLEASE. Separate page for citation.