Lab results for 3 and 4 are complete (except for #21 in lab 3). I need the objective statement, discussion, conclusion- basically just making sense of the data Lab 5,6/8 I need the results, objective statement, discussion, and conclusion. You can decide which one from 5, 6, 8 that you don′t want to do (pick which is easiest/drop which is hardest) Each lab should be around 1.5 pages This is what the discussion includes: The discussion section is where the writer describes their data and analyzes it. A proper analysis should consider: Whether results were consistent with expectations (compare to known theory) The possible source of errors whether human, instrumental, or random (error percentages where appropriate) What additional insights could be gathered from the experiment or study The writer must refer directly to the results when conducting their analysis stating for instance “in table 1 it is shown that…” or “it is evident in figure 2 that…”