INSTRUCTIONS: Answer all of the following Essay Questions in a single Word document, starting each question at the top of a new page. You should have a clear Introduction, Body, and Conclusion (this implies there should be at least three paragraphs and maybe more). There is no minimum or maximum limit on pages; however, you need to sufficiently answer the question, being as concise as possible, so the overall length of each answer is reasonable, based on the topic/materials covered. Do not include/repeat the question above your answer, simply indicate the question number and write your essay. Your response document must meet these formatting criteria: No cover/title page – at the top of the first page, use single-line spacing and include the Course #/Title, “Final Exam Essays,” your name, and the date — leave two blank lines below this heading and then start your first essay Do not repeat the actual essay question text – just start your answer/essay with the question number (e.g., EQ1, EQ2) Margins = 1 inch all around Line Spacing = double-spacing (except for the required heading at the top of the first page – that should be single-spaced) Font Size = 12pt for all content, except headings may use 14pt Font Style = standard serif or sans serif writing font (e.g., Calibri, Arial, Times Roman) Use of external references/sources must be shown using APA Writing Style guidelines NOTE: Essay documents are subject to being submitted to SafeAssign to check for plagiarism. #EQ-1: Thinking about the process steps used for the Weekly Homework Assignments and the Course Project, outline/list the primary steps used and then explain which step is the most important and why. #EQ-2: In your own words, describe what InfoSec governance documents should be included in the overall set of business governance documents, and provide at least five positive business impacts for incorporating InfoSec strategy and policies into the business structure and at least three detrimental business impacts for not including them.