This is a short answer question with a maximum word count of 375 words. This should include 3 or more references but the response will be heavily based on the paper mentioned with some additional reading. Question: A recent paper (Holmes et al., 2020) failed to replicate prior findings that audio-tactile interactions are enhanced when the sound originates near to the body compared to far away from the body. In a meta-analysis of previous work on this topic, they found evidence suggesting that poor research design and questionable research practices had led to overestimations of such enhancements. What is the most important implication of this work for what you have learned about the peripersonal space? Holmes, N. P., Martin, D., Mitchell, W., Noorani, Z., & Thorne, A. (2020). Do sounds near the hand facilitate tactile reaction times? Four experiments and a meta‑analysis provide mixed support and suggest a small effect size. Experimental Brain Research, 238, 995-1009.