You are expected to write a significant research paper by examining a current problem (environmental, social, political, economical, etc), either local, national or international, and describe the efforts being made to solve it. You should present the problem in your introduction, describe in detail the various efforts to solve it and evaluate some aspects of these solutions: the practicality, complications, costs, success or failure, for example. Your conclusion should include a very brief summary of the solutions and make recommendations or predictions regarding the future of the original problem.
• An acceptable analysis should be 1500 words (+/- 10%) integrating a minimum of 4 academic sources (evidenced by citations).
• Before submitting your paper, you should make sure it addresses all of the course learning outcomes as identified below and in the course syllabus.
• Your project must be APA formatted.
Course Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate ability to articulate ideas concisely and correctly on assigned subjects and support logical arguments with credible evidence. Identify factors that block effective intercultural communication.
2. Implement correct grammatical structures and self-correct errors through effective proofreading.
3. Construct a significant research paper including an initial presentation, proposal, outline, draft, and final paper. Incorporate a minimum of four documented sources to substantiate research.