op ed assignment
Choose one of the 17 UN “sustainable development” goals (here: https://sdgs.un.org/goals ) and write
a 700-word Opinion Editorial that critically analyzes the current status of this goal in relation to
challenges with realizing the common good in your professional community locally and especially
First, identify the UN development goal you have chosen, define it and the principle of the common
good, and explain how the two relate (and why).
Then describe a local and a global community where you as a (current or future) professional may
work (for example, as a nurse you may work in a local hospital in Australia or a global organization
such as Médicins sans Frontières in Nigeria).
Finally, describe the current status of this goal locally and especially globally, and analyze two or
three ways in which such status challenges the realization of the common good by adversely affecting
the people in the chosen communities.