1) Access the government link
2) Identify the main categories you see when you first access the site
3) Note there are tabs at the top ( starting with “Current Status” and ends with “Learn More”
4) What other method can you navigate through the tabs? You can find this on this first screen. Name that method
5) From the dropdown heading at the top of the page, choose one sub link and summarize what kind of information does this supply. You only have to choose one sub link from any of the three categories that have the dropdown (a dropdown appears like a “v”.
6) Who is featured on the “Video Updates”
7) What happens when you hover over certain areas of the map on the dashboard?
8) Name the other slices (another name for sections) on the first page of the dashboard
9) What region would Kalamazoo be in?
10) Choose one of the regions and counties and summarize the result of the data in that area?
11) Find the downloadable Excel files showing public use datasets.
12) Briefly summarize the data you find in the excel file
13) What special feature do you see if you have further questions about Covid 19 or the site?
14) How would you explain this site to a family member, friend, colleague etc…