For your Course Project, you will be exploring concepts associated with managed care. The purpose of your Course Project is to demonstrate your understanding, comprehension, and mastery of these concepts. Throughout this semester you will be acquiring knowledge on managed care topics, trends, as well as terminology. You will apply this new knowledge to your Course Project. Choose 1-2 topics, concepts or milestones from each week for a total of 10 topics. For each topic, concept or milestone write a brief description and definition approximately 100 words for each. Make sure you scroll down to see all the instructions.Suggestions for concepts or milestones to choose:Terminology of managed careFinancial conceptsMarketingUtilization management.Types of managed care plansThe forces and obstacles facing managed care today.Identify and differentiate between the basic managed care models.Delineate the basic components of hospital and physician networks and reimbursement methods.Identify the basic concepts of underwriting, premium billing, and financial management.Prioritize the basic issues of Medicare and Medicaid managed care.Identify the key components of federal and state regulation of managed care.