Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment: . Identify professional organizations, academic journals, areas of research, and sources of current events and news relevant to a specific health career. Compile resources in an organized format. Locate credible sources of information. Course outcomes assessed in this Assignment: . HS100-4: Compile relevant career resources and support materials for a health science profession. . GEL- 6.02: Apply a professionally recognized method of formatting and documentation. . In Unit 5, you participated in a Discussion where you identified areas that may be challenging in your degree program, and then identified a resource that could be used to help you succeed in that area. This Assignment will help you to add to your collection of resources so you can utilize these during your time as a student and also in your professional career. You will organize these resources in a format allowing you to easily locate each resource in the future. Locating and organizing quality resources are skills you will use throughout your degree program and in your health profession.