These are 4 essay questions that need to be answered All I need is sufficient answers to all the questions below, they don’t need to be super in-depth.1. Identify and explain three social psychological processes that can lead an innocent person to falsely confess. Identify and explain two procedures that can reduce the likelihood of false confessions.2. According to the “standard story” what are the main drivers of mass incarceration (identify and explain)? What are some weaknesses in the “standard story”? Accounting for these weaknesses, identify (and explain) three possible solutions to mass incarceration. 3. According to Joel Feinberg, what are the two classical approaches to understanding punishment and imprisonment? Identify and explain. Explain how these two approaches would differ in terms of their approach to mass incarceration and rehabilitation.4. Identify and explain three factors that impact the accuracy of eyewitness testimony. What procedures can be used to increase the accuracy of eyewitness testimony?