This assessment allows you to demonstrate your conceptual and technical
understanding of the important concepts related to marketing research. Based
on a research brief (see Moodle), you are required to develop a marketing
research proposal, accompanied by a data collection instrument. The
development of this proposal forms the basis of your Assessment 3 –
Marketing Research Report.
From your analysis of the research brief, you need to identify the problem
confronting the client and recommend a series of marketing decisions to the
client. The proposal must reflect the relevant stages in the marketing research
process and the logic for using them, and clearly describe what information
will be needed, and how and where it will be obtained.
It is essential that you include academic literature in your research proposal to
support and justify your ideas and arguments. Any unsupported statement will
not provide credibility to your discussion.
Your research proposal should include (but not be limited to):
This section is where you identify and discuss the problem, and highlight the
focus and purpose of your research study. Research questions and objectives
should be discussed here, so that the scope of the study could be clearly and
easily identified.
This section is where you critically review relevant bodies of research to
develop the foundation upon which you propose at least three testable
hypotheses related to your research problem, objectives, and questions.
This section is where you explain and justify the method that you will adopt
to collect the data that are required for testing your hypotheses. This section
should address issues related to:
Sample (e.g., who are your target respondents, why should they be included
in the sample, etc.)
Procedure (e.g., how are you obtaining information from the respondents,
why is this approach appropriate, etc.)
Measures (e.g., what questions are you asking of your respondents and in
what format, why are these questions appropriate, etc.)
Your proposal must be typed in a Word file for submission. Please use double line spacing when preparing your work, and ensure individual sections within your work are clearly labelled and identified. Please ensure that the work you are submitting has been spell-checked and free of spelling, grammatical, and formatting errors. Penalties apply for inattention to such detail.