Texting and Driving, Excercise, Death Penalty, Adopt don’t Shop, Why student-athletes should be paid & abortion. (These topics are banned not to censor you, but because these topics are so overused and as a result, there are countless examples on the internet to copy from. To ensure you are producing original work and coming up with new creative topics I have banned these topics. If you would like to consult your topic before developing the assignment, please message me I am more than happy to help. To complete the assignment, do the following:In a new Word document, choose one from among the three organizational patterns (fact, value or policy) for persuasive speeches mentioned in the Organizational Patterns for Practical Persuasion Speeches in Chapter 14 of your text. Identify and define the organizational pattern.Explain why this organizational pattern best fits your topic, purpose, and thesis.Using Chapter 8 and the Outline Sample I have posted below, create a detailed complete sentence outline of your speech that includes main points, subpoints, and sub-sub points arranged in your chosen organizational pattern. Aim for at least three main points in the speech and numerous subpoints and sub-sub points that fit under the main points.When you think of a complete sentence outline, this should resemble your whole speech written out in outline form. At the top of your outline, you should list the topic, general-purpose, specific purpose statement, and thesis statement.