You should initially identify a specific research area (cancer, HIV/AIDS, social determinants of health, maternal/child health, aging, etc.). Using the research data collection tools, collect pertinent information on your desired topic area. This will help you determine the specific research area you would like to study.
a) Place your findings in an organized manner, including the use of tables, charts, bullets and other ways to summarize the information. Cite all sources under data reported using APA format.
Synthesis of data:
a. Submit a presentation that includes:
1. Background and concise literature review
2. Research Problem
3. Research Question
4. Specific Aims
5. Hypothesis
6. Significance (Healthcare)
7. Theoretical Framework
8. Research methods
a. Study design
b. Study Population & Site
c. Eligibility criteria
i. Inclusion criteria
ii. Exclusion criteria
d. Data collection methods
e. Data instruments
f. Study variables
i. Dependent variables
ii. Main independent variables
iii. Other independent variables
g. Data analysis
9. Implications on nursing practice

See uploaded research problem and question and refer to that for research proposal, this was the feedback that was given: think about what factors you would like to explore as well as define, what you mean by poor prognosis and treatment of mental illness. Questions you need ask yourself are how would you measure and collect data on poor prognosis and treatment of MH.