ICS Ignitia Assignment
Assignment 1
Select a specific system in a program or a project in the UAE (Etihad Rail) ; and provide the following minimum requirements:
1. The name of the program/project and the stakeholders.
2. The estimated cost and timeframe
3. The architecture (Drawing) of the selected system in the program/project
4. Your preferred risk management process that you will use.
5. List the most (5) five important risks you anticipate in the system (Risk realization) and write their risk statement properly as addressed in the lectures.
Assignment 2
Start Building your risk management plan delivering the following:
1. Contents assignment #1
2. Identify all risks in the system, their type, and present the categorization of risks in the form of WBS
3. Rank each risk in their category
Assignment 3
Continue using the data of both assignment (1 & 2) and structure a risk assessment chapter to include the following:
1. The risk factor calculation (Rf)
2. Risk Analysis Worksheet (RAW) as explained to you in the lectures
3. Risk handling approaches
4. Risk Assessment Matrix