There is a glass top that covers the candies. I had a group of students collect guesses from other students, faculty, staff and guests at the university as to how many candies they thought were in the jar. The data we collected is in the attached spreadsheet n=204. This would represent one leg in the triangulation process – wisdom of crowds. You should conduct your own analysis on the data average, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis…etc. Using triangulation, conduct a case study ( I would recommend buying a box of Whoppers and using how many candies fit in that box and then extrapolating to the size of the container above) and a mathematical analysis based on the geometry of the milk ball and the container. Conduct a PERT analysis of the three and including a chart of all three measurements and the PERT. PERT needs to be conducted using three calculations 1. Average based on data set given to you in excel spreadsheet 2. How much candy fits in a jar given the size of a jar and candy 3. Estimate based on a box A. Size of the box and number of candy in the box B. how many candies will fit in the jar based on A Calculations need to be part of your submission. Average – 246.2108 My box – 68 pieces Box Size – 5 oz Messages