Discussion Question: So what is a Literature Review? Simply….it is ONE PAPER put together that uses several already published works by other authors to build on a certain area of interest. And the best way to understand a Literature Review is to review them! This week for the discussion, locate an already published literature review on a healthcare topic that has been published within the last five years utilizing the library sources provided by Aspen University or another search engine you learned about (if you can’t find one on your topic, find one on a different topic). You are not doing a literature review, you are finding one that has already been written. It is best to put in “Literature Review” in the search box to bring up Literature Reviews. Often it will say “Literature Review” in the title. It can be any Literature Review. If you can’t find one within the last 5 years, try to keep it as earliest as you can.

After reading the Lit Review answer:

1.How many articles were reviewed in your chosen Literature Review?

2.What was the focus of the review?

3.What were the findings?