Write a lab report about Room temperature In paragraph form Purpose of investigation Relevant background information. Include citations if sources are used. Hypothesis based on scientific knowledge Methods Your procedure in paragraph form that is detailed enough that anyone can repeat your exact experiment just by reading your methods. Your methods should be written in past tense (because you are telling us what you already did in the experiment), and in 3rd person form. Bad example: I added sugar into the flask. Good example: 15g of sugar was added into a 300mL flask. Results Your results presented in a table and/or graph with a desсrіptive title and a small paragraph stating the results in written form. Talk about any trends or patterns. Cold hard facts! No analysis! Discussion Paragraph(s) analyzing and interpreting your results. ie) what does it mean if you saw more or less gas? What could explain this? Looking ahead: now that we learned something from this experiment, propose 3-4 related experiments that we could do in the future (aka Ask Good Questions) here is an example