Electoral College Presentation Outline For your Electoral College Project, you are going to make a recommendation as to what this country should do with the Electoral College. Should we leave it alone and let it continue functioning as it has? Should we change it? Should we get rid of it? In order to come to an informed decision, and to make a compelling argument, we’re going to need to be well-informed. Here are the parts of your presentation that you should have: Introduction: What this project is about and what you’ll be talking about. History/Origins: Where did the Electoral College come from? Why was it created? By whom? Throughout the years: How has the Electoral College functioned and impacted elections? Current Issues: What are the concerns or issues surrounding the Electoral College today? Your Proposal: What you think we should do. Your Justification: Why you think we should do it. Your Call to Action: What your audience needs to do next. Prompt: Why was the Electoral College created?