If your family has been in Georgia for several generations, you may have trouble answering this question. In that case, I propose an alternate post. One aspect of geography is understanding how places affect people. So perhaps you can answer this question…..How has being a long-term Georgian affected who you are? You can also talk about this in context of your family’s history in the area. The South is considered to be a “cultural homeland” (see the textbook). Are the cultural characteristics – religion, food, large African American population, agricultural roots, etc. – reflected in the customs of you and your family? Also, you could think about the economic changes in the south over the last 100 years – from agricultural to industrial to a high-tech service economy and if this relates to your and your family’s “story,” you could include that information. And if your family lived in an area that was once considered separate from Atlanta but is now part of the metropolitan area, you could include information related to suburbanization.