1. Go to the Culture, Behavior & the Law Paper, linked in the main page of the module under Week 14 Assignment Details.For this paper you must include a response to all of the following:Challenging or Respecting Traditional Values:(this criterion should take approximately 1-2 paragraphs to address)According to the text, in today’s multicultural communities, customary rules of behavior shared by the people of one group may appear strange and even unacceptable to others (Shiraev & Levy, 2013). With this in mind, respond to the following questions regarding culture, behavior and the law:How far should people go on challenging deep-seated customs and values of a traditional community?Which is more important in your life: to respect all traditions, even though you may disagree with some OR to challenge them, thus possibly undermining a society’s cultural foundation? Why?Democracy & Ethnocentricity:(this criterion should take approximately 1-2 paragraphs to address)Is the American view on democracy ethnocentric? Explain why or why not.Clearly support your response with research, information as presented in the text. Note: A full credit response will broadly address the cultural and “human” factors which may be important in democratic and non-democratic systems as well as providing a clear and logical explanation of why they believe democracy is or is not ethnocentric. Overall, full credit responses may consider a few possible areas of emphasis as discussed in the text: human rights, freedom or economic opportunity and tolerance or acceptance of different religions, languages, and customs.