Reading Responses
Part 1: Summarize

• Identify the author and the title of text
• Write a brief summary of the text
• Share the main points of the text
• Use direct quotations from the text to illustrate ideas
• Summarize material so the reader gets an OBJECTIVE sense of original text

Part 2: You Reaction to the Text

• How does the text about which you are writing related to the ideas and concerns discussed in this course?
• How are you able to connect the text to your life, experiences, feelings, and ideas?
• Did the text increase your understanding or offer an example (good or bad) on how to write?
• What are your final thoughts on this text? Offer your interpretation of the text and include your opinion.

Part 3: Things to Remember as you Write

• Apply standards of unity, support, and clear, error-free sentences when you write this response
• Each major paragraph should present and develop a single main point.
• Support points you make with specific reasons and details. Prove what you are saying.
• Organize your material as shown in the Summarize section above. Also, use transitions to move from one point to another and make relationships among ideas clear.
• Edit carefully for errors in grammar, punctuation, word use, and spelling.