Social media has been around since the late 1970’s and has allowed us to create and share content with others. Throughout the years everyone has had some type of interaction with social media being good or bad including children. Although it may seem odd to see an adolescent on social media posting pictures or commenting on posts it is a normal thing to see in this generation. As many parents stress over how introduction to innovation may influence little children developmentally. Adolescence is a similarly significant time of fast turn of events, and excessively not many of us are focusing on how our youngsters′ utilization of technology. In certainty, specialists stress that the web-based media and instant messages that have gotten so basic to high school life are advancing tension and bringing down confidence. One of the most asked question by concerned parents is does social media help or hinder my adolescent’s adjustment. Throughout the whole research process you can see how in most cases it really hinders adolescents adjusting to everything that is introduced to them although it may affect some in a different way it stills causes the same problem.