Read Toni Morrison’s “Recitatif”and consider this excerpt from an interview with Toni Morrison:Morrison: … I wrote a story entitled “Recitatif,” in which there are two little girls in an orphanage, one white and one black. But the reader doesn’t know which is white and which is black. I use class codes, but no racial codes.Interviewer: Is this meant to confuse the reader?Morrison: Well, yes. But to provoke and enlighten … What was exciting was to be forced as a writer not to be lazy and rely on obvious codes. Soon as I say, “Black woman … ” I can rest on or provoke predictable responses, but if I leave it out then I have to talk about her in a complicated way–as a person. Write a one page paper that addresses each of the following topics: What does Morrison mean by “codes”? While reading the story, did you find yourself making assumptions about the race and class of each character? How does Morrison toy with your assumptions? What do you think she means by saying she does this to “provoke and enlighten”?