Instructions:Select a quantitative research study from a peer-reviewed nursing journal (the article is included). The following questions listed below should be answered in the critique of the article (APA essay format). A yes or no answer will not be accepted. All responses should be explained thoroughly.Part A. Introduction1. What is the research problem and is it clearly stated in the paper?2. How important is the problem to nursing?3. What is the justification for this study?4. Are there hypotheses, questions, or objectives stated?5. What theoretical or conceptual framework was used for the study? Was it clearly identified or only implied?6. How is the framework linked to the research purpose?7. How current is the research literature reviewed (consider the publication date of the paper)?8. Is the literature review organized logically?9. Does the literature review adequately support the need for the study?Part B. Methods1. What is the study design?2. Does the design fit the purpose of the study? (Explain your answer.)3. How is the design linked to the sampling method and statistical analysis?4. Describe the sample as stated in the article. Is it adequately and clearly described in the article?5. Is the sampling procedure discussed in detail?6. What do the authors provide as justification for the size of the sample?7. Describe the study protocol (treatment and/or procedures). Is it clear and concise?8. What instruments are described in the article?9. Does each instrument measure the concept it is intended to measure? (Is the concept definition consistent with the Operational definition?)10. Does the author(s) present information on reliability and validity of the instruments?11. How does the author address threats to internal and external validity that are inherent in the study design?12. What evidence is provided regarding human subject’s review and approval discussed?13. Are there indications of any ethical concerns?14. Is the study described with enough detail for replication?Part C. Results1. How are characteristics of the sample described?2. Are the research questions/hypotheses answered separately?3. What types of data were collected?4. What data analysis procedures are used to answer the research questions? (Explain your answer.)5. Are tables, charts, and/or graphs used to present the data?6. Does the text supplement or repeat the data in the tables?7. Briefly summarize the findings and analyze the results.Part D. Discussion/Implications for practice1. Does the author relate the findings to the study’s purpose (or research objectives/hypotheses/questions)?2. How do the findings of the study compare with findings from previous studies?3. Does the author discuss the findings that conflict with previous work?4. What limitations of the study are discussed in terms of practice and future research?5. What new research emerged from this study?6. What is the potential for use in nursing practice?Part E. Overall Presentation and final summary1. Does the title accurately describe the type of study, major variables, and target population?2. Does the abstract accurately represent the study?3. Is the report logically consistent?4. Is the writing style clear and concise?