Find a news story from 2019 or 2020 that relates to this weeks chapter, Conquering the West. Aspects of this chapter include: 1. The American bison 2. Mormonism 3. The Homestead Act 4. The Red River War 5. The Dakota War (Sioux Uprising) 6. The Sand Creek Massacre 7. Board of Indian Commissioners and assimilation 8. Battle of the Greasy Grass 9. The Long Walk & The Treaty of Bosque Redondo 10. Chief Joseph and the Nez Perc 11. The transcontinental railroad 12. The rise of Chicago 13. The cowboy 14. The Dawes Act 15. The Ghost Dance 16. Wounded Knee 17. The West in popular culture 18. William Buffalo Bill Cody 19. Annie Oakley 20. The frontier thesis Choose one to relate current news to. I will attach the directions my teacher gave us.