SPECS:2-3 pages, double spaced, 12 point font, 1-in margins3 sources required, APA style reference page and internal citationsCiting sources is necessary any time an idea is not yours. So when you summarize details of the dyad’s life, I should see internal citations such as (Author(s), year). If you use a direct quotation, I should see, for example, (Author(s), year, p. # or para. #). Not doing so is a form of plagiarism and will result in a zero on this assignment.You will choose a non-fiction, historically significant dyad (no longer living) to reflect upon. These dyads can be friends, romantic, colleagues, or other appropriate contexts. Use one (or a combination) of the relationship concepts addressed in this course thus far to reflect on why you think the dyad was successful or not successful in their communication choices (choose your definition of “success”). Use evidence from sources and consideration of things like the time period, environment, culture, etc., to assist with your reflection.This is a critical evaluation based on historical evidence and is largely what you think and can back up with the evidence. If you think there is something to the relationship but you don’t think we have covered a concept or theory that explains what you are seeing, feel free to search further in the text or ask for my assistance.You must choose real people from history (who are no longer living) who have impacted society in some way. The dyads can be from politics, entertainment, the Wild West, religion, or other contexts. I must approve the dyad to make sure you are on the right track. I don’t want you writing a paper that does not fit the constraints of the assignment.Follow the following format:I. Introduction: Give a brief summary of the relationship and concepts/theory you are using as your lens. Provide an attention getter, thesis, and preview as you would any paper.II. Reflection: Using the concepts or theory(ies) you identified, explain the success or failure of the dyad (in your opinion). “Success” and “failure” can mean different things so you can use the terms as you see fit. You might argue, for example, that what made Lucy and Desi a dynamic and successful duo on TV was their volatility, but it was what failed them as a married couple.III. Conclusion: Summarize the most important points of your paper and tell us what we can learn from your reflection about dyadic interactions. Provide an appropriate closing to your paper.