Historical Architecture in New York City Assignment (Worth 15 Points of Final Grade) The buildings of New York City are done in a wide variety of architectural styles, many of which belong to the period before the 20th century and the advent of Modern architecture. Assignment: Select and photograph a building from any of the 5 Boroughs of NYC that is built or decorated in an architectural style that originated in Ancient times (Greek & Roman); the Medieval Period (Early Christian, Byzantine, Carolingian, Romanesque, and Gothic), and the Early Modern Period (Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical), and the 19th Century (Incorporates all the earlier styles). Choose a building near where you live, work, or hang out, and Identify the historical period its design or decoration is based on. To do this, refer to the folder of pictures posted on Openlab titled Historical Architecture in NYC EXAMPLES or any other source that deals with architecture from earlier periods. Prepare a 2-page report that has on Page 1: an image of your chosen building (indicating Where it is, and any other info. you can gather about it), and on page 2: TWO images of buildings from the period your building seems to be based on, and an explanation, pointing to Specific features on the NYC building, of why you think it was based on those older buildings. [See example posted on Openlab] The Building I chose is the Williamsburg Savings bank located in Williamsburg Brooklyn on Broadway and Driggs. 1 page has the image I chose and the 2nd page is the historical architecture that inspired the architect to construct the Williamsburg Savings Bank.