Complete a second structured physical activity log, using your individual personal activity level.Context:Current evidence supports physical activity and exercise as important behaviours for both prevention and the treatment of chronic disease. Therefore, being physically active and limiting sedentary behaviour is essential for maintaining health and wellbeing.By using your own data and further research you will draw on your ability to self-reflect as well as implementing basic interpretative skills.Instructions:1. Complete the 7 Day Physical Activity Log (Appendix 1), defining activity, intensity and length of duration. Remember to include structured exercise/activity sessions but also incidental activity. This information have to go in the appendix attached, and based the essay on this information.Activity description: Going to the gym 6 days per week Day 1: Enduranc/ hiit 45 minutes /High IntenseDay 2: Strength 45 minutes/ high IntenseDay 3:Kickboxing 45 minutes/ High IntenseDay 4:Boxing/hiit 45 minutes/High IntenseDay 5:Strength 45 minutes/High IntenseDay 6:Bootcamp 45 minutes/High IntenseDay 7: Walk 30 minutes/ Moderate IntenseTotal: low 0 minutes- Moderate 30 minutes-high 270 minutes (you can add the notes you consider important) 2. Answer the additional questions under the heading Self-Reflection Questions. Use the word count suggestions to guide how much detail is required. Apply research and studies as appropriate to the answers. Ensure your answers display your subject knowledge and your ability to apply this knowledge practically. Remember this is where you need to demonstrate the development in your understanding from the Assessment 1 Part A submission.The following website will also be of use: Count is 700 words +/- 10% for the reflection questions.Referencing:In order to meet academic standards, material for all assignments must be referenced correctly and consistently, in order to identify the source of the evidence you use. It is expected that students comply with the APA 6th edition referencing style. The following link is to the Laureate Australia Academic Writing Guide. Part 3 of this guide outlines the different types of in-text referencing and reference list.SELF REFLECTION1.Provide your current definition of physical activity? 2.Provide your current definition of sedentary behaviour? 3.Has your notion of physical activity been challenged, enhanced, or confirmed? Explain how?4.What do you feel you have gained through studying this subject? This may include, but is not limited to, physical improvements, and increase in knowledge.5.Did your level of physical activity improve over the course of the trimester? Provide data to support your answer. If your physical activity did not improve, please share specific reasons as to why you think this was the case. (around 100 words)6.Did your level of physical activity reach those set out in the Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines set out by the Australian Government Department of Health, for your age group? Or had you already attained this level of physical activity? What affect has this had on you personally? 7.What strategies did you implement, during the trimester?