For a previous discussion board post, you were asked to analyze the gutters, as described by McCloud, in Chapter Two of Moore’s From Hell. For this short write, focus on gutters again, but turn your attention to Chapters Three through Five now. Locate what you believe is the most significant use of gutters in these three chapters. It can be a type of transition that repeats across the chapters or one that appears only once or more in a single chapter. It also could be an important mix of gutters. You should not only interpret the details of the evidence you select but also explain why you think it is or they are the most important transition or transitions for understanding the story thus far.The six forms of gutters include moment-to-moment, action-to-action, subject-to-subject, scene-to-scene, aspect-to-aspect, and non-sequitur. (See Chapter Three in Understanding Comics.)From Hell: focus on chapters 3-5