Provide a brief summary that integrates the information you learned from Flying Solo chapters 5, 9, 14 & 20. . Thesis: What is the author’s primary thesis/point? Summarize the author’s main thesis in one sentence.. . Significance: What is significant about this thesis/point? E.g., how does this fit with what you already knew or does it run counter to what you believed or societal norms/stereotypes? How does it contribute a new perspective?. Critique: Do you have a critique of the author’s argument/evidence/conclusions? Make at least two separate points here – positive or negative. Is the argument persuasive? Do you think the author has any unstated biases/assumptions?. Personal response: What was the most interesting thing you learned from this reading? What questions does this reading raise or answer for you? Do these chapters chandfpge the way you view your life or may view it in the future?