Go to an art museum, either in person (some are now open) or virtual! In Stockton we have the Haggin Museum. Sacramento has the Crocker Museum. SF has several world class museum including the De Young Museum. After entering the museum (again, in person or virtual), go through the exhibits and pick out one work that grabs your attention. What is it that draws you into this piece? Begin your paper writing about that! Analyze the work in terms of the major art elements and principled of art you see. This is the major focus of the paper. You may also write about the context of the work (the artist, time it was created etc…). Choose an artist who works in 2D formats creating drawings, paintings, animation, manga, anime, or illustration, or sculpture. The art elements may include Line, Value, Color, Shape, Form, Space and Texture. Principles of design include Balance, Rhythm, Repetition, Size, Scale, Proportion, Emphasis, Unity, Movement, Variety, and Contrast. Other areas of discussion may include the use of Light and Perspective (Linear and/or Isometric). Only discuss using art elements/principles of design that stand out in the work you are analyzing. Again reminder to begin by writing about why you like the work. What stands out? Which art elements? Is it the color? The camera angle? The illusion of depth? When writing your paper, begin with the strongest elements and move from there. Hint: Develop and build on your observations in a logical sequence. Besides analyzing the art, also present a Contextualization of the work. A Contextualization in art represents the ″Ws.″ Who, what, where, when, why; this is where your research comes in.