Create a PowerPoint presentation for your classmates that presents material from your assigned chapter in Understanding Music, Past and Present. Include at least one slide on each of the following topics:
1. Background information about the historical time – who was in power? Who were the main patrons of music and the arts? Where was the cultural center of the era geographically?
2. Musical forms and genres developed during the era.
3. Instrumentation commonly used during the era
4. Prominent composers and/or performers with examples of their music.
5. The music that most appeals to you from this era.
Post a link to your PowerPoint on the Discussion board. View presentations of two different historical eras and respond to them using the following rubric:




Needs Improvement

Background information

Gives full historical context including the political, economic, and societal power structure in connection with the role of music.

Gives partial historical context including some of the power structure affecting the role of music.

Gives little historical context affecting the role of music.

Forms and genres

Shows the forms and genres dominant in the era.

Shows some forms and genres.

Shows little to no forms or genres.


Fully describes instrumentation commonly used or innovated during the period.

Describes some instrumentation.

Describes little to no instrumentation


Introduces two or three prominent composers with links to their music.

Introduces only one composer with a link to their music.

Does not introduce any composers, or include a link to their music.

Personal comments

Lists the music that most appeals to the student and states why.

Lists the music, but does not state why it appeals to the student.

Gives little to no personal preferences.