You have to to follow the Memo format ( attached in word file ).

Getting the Design Contract-In a 1-2 page memorandum, discuss stages in the design process and based on your initial understanding of your project, list what you expect to be the major design elements in your senior design project.

1- we did choose Emerald Park to develop, and went their as a group to see and check the site.
2- we Contacted the sponsored of the park through email in order to see if they have interesting to give us the work as student for our project design.
3- we got their response ( agree ) and we did ask a meeting with them ( Monday Oct , 12 ,2020) in order to see what their needs and requirements and expectations for the park.

Emerald park development project this project is sponsored by The City of Kalamazoo, Emerald Dive park, Kalamazoo, MI 49001.
The park has nothing except two-soccer fields that are used almost daily. This park has a high traffic of users put does not meet the standards. we need to come up with a plan in which we make the place more users friendly and develop the park for the purpose of serving the surrounding communities and users.
The park need a lot of work we us a team we have some ideas for the park but we are waiting for the project approval so we can have our first meeting with the sponsor, were we can discuss in depth there view and ideas and expectations.

We were giving as a beginning budget of $250,000 to $400,000, but that might change depending on the sponsor.

In hope to deliver an estimation, basics drawings, and sight plans to the sponsor.

as a group we are thinking to do in park
1- To build a gazebo
2- Restrooms
3- Maintenance and develop the soccer field ( fixing the grass or changing it to FieldTurf) aslo too add benchs.
4- There is no cars parking area so we planning to do a small cars park area.

rest ideas we will hear and discuss during the meeting with sponsor.