The annual accounts provide information on how the economy in enterprises develops, and a correct understanding requires knowledge of how earnings and financial position are measured. This course provides such knowledge. The entire production process is covered: From bookkeeping of the transactions to use of the information provided in the annual accounts. The course is divided into three parts: The first part explains the techniques that form the basis of current accounting systems, and which ensures that companies can book their transactions in a way that covers both the company′s own information needs and the requirements that the authorities set for the accounting systems. The second part is devoted to the rules that are used to measure the period′s income, expenses, assets and liabilities in accordance with the rules laid down by the legislature, and which means that companies publish decision-relevant information. The third part deals with how accounting information can be processed and used when decisions are to be made about the purchase and sale of companies, borrowing, distribution of bonuses, etc.