The essay should synthesize differing views to persuade, rather than merely to inform, so make sure that it has a debatable point at its center.*************Essay proposal:Influencers not only draw attention to social issues, but they also push society to engage in meaningful dialogs and search for ways to act upon the matters. Public figures such as Colin Kaepernick, Jenny McCarthy, Jimmy Kimmel, among others have been pivotal figures that in one way or another at some point in time brought to life subjects that have resulted in the direct or indirect unveiling of other underlying situations. The question is how can society discern when a movement truly has merit and value or is the rhetoric just smoke and mirrors with an ulterior motive?We are a society that believes we are all free thinker but everyday more and more we see how influencers can create movements and spark passionate arguments. How can our society see through the smoke and get to the actual heart of the problem? Are we overloaded with so many views that sometimes it is hard to discern the right from the wrong? Is social media adding to the chaos or creating a platform where all can voice their views? Is there such a thing as too much information? *************NOTE: Attached is a source that must be included within the minimum 5 GUIDELINES: To earn at least a C (70) on this assignment, be sure to do all of the following things:Write at least 1300 words and not more than 1750.Present your essay in MLA paper format. Essays with missing or incorrect MLA paper format earn up to 15 fewer points.Give your essay an interesting and original title.Create an introductory paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention, provides background information, and funnels to the thesis. The introduction should be at least five sentences long, counting the thesis.Form a one-sentence thesis that is assertive, specific, and responsive to the prompt. Remember that the thesis is neither an announcement nor a list. Place the thesis at end of introduction for clear organization. Boldface the thesis.Write topic sentences that are assertive and specific, that directly support the thesis, and that organize the sentences the follow each of them. Place a topic sentence at the beginning of a paragraph for clear organization. Boldface topic sentences.Develop body paragraphs that are cohesive, coherent, and unified. Include two to three quotations in each body paragraph. Quote or paraphrase at least five credible outside sources.Synthesize the ideas from these sources by putting them into conversation with one another in your body paragraphs.Document sources using correct MLA documentation: signal phrases, in-text citations, and Works Cited entries.Create a conclusion that refers to the thesis. The conclusion should sum up the meaning of the essay and be memorable to the reader. Write at least five sentences. Do not use the phrase “In conclusion.”Prepare an MLA Works Cited page that documents your use of every outside source in your essay. Only list those works that you have quoted or paraphrased. Every entry on the Works Cited page must match one or more in-text citations. Missing or incorrect MLA documentation may result in a failing grade for the essay.Produce an essay that is “substantially free of major errors of standard written English.” Essays with numerous sentence-level errors may not earn a passing grade.Follows standards for writing academic essays. See “Academic Dos and Don’ts.”Please let me know if you have questions!