Explore how professional standards of practice and behavior influence the role of the adult nurse
You should explore the concept of professionalism and explain how the nursing care of the patient in the scenario can reflect this
Explain the importance of key legal, regulatory and governance requirements, policies and ethical frameworks Make reference to The Code (NMC, 2018) and explain how it relates to the care being given to the patient in the scenario
Discuss the importance of, and strategies required to deliver safe, effective and compassionate person-centred care Consider how the care provided to the patient in the scenario can be safe , effective, and compassionate and how the nurse can ensure that the patient is at the centre of his/her own care delivery
Identify key nursing theories and the importance of evidence based practice to underpin the nursing care of adults
Suggest ways that the nurse can ensure the care which is delivered is evidence based. You should also discuss how The Nursing Process can be used to direct patient care.
Summary of your main points
Reference list – in the correct format (ensure you are familiar with the process)
Referencing guide
Guidance on preparing assessments for submission

Presenting your assignments in the correct format is important as it demonstrates professionalism and creates the right impression for the marker.

1. Use Arial font, size 12. Do NOT use Times New Roman
2. Don’t use bold, italic and underline in your essay, except for headings
3. Black print only
4. Double spacing between lines
5. Double space between paragraphs
6. No indents for a new paragraph
7. Quotations over 40 words in length should be laid out as a separate paragraph and indented
8. Left justify your work
9. Leave a 3cm margin
10. Header (on each page): Student ID number only and module code
11. Footer (on each page): Page number centred
12. Ensure that you check that you have included all the pages
13. Place appendices after the reference list
For A2, you are required to submit a 1500-word essay based on this scenario
Using evidence from the published literature discuss the role of the adult nurse in relation to the following four learning outcomes
For guidance on preparing your assignment for submission, please see here
What Learning Outcome Will Be Assessed?
Understand the role of the nurse which includes the professional role, values, skills, attitudes, holistic care with compassion and dignity.
Explore contemporary and ethical nursing practice.
Understand the importance of patient involvement, partnerships and collaborative nursing.
Share understanding on nursing theories/evidence which evolve into practice.