Explain what you think good priority rules might be for sequencing jobs on machines or even for sequencing . You may have other ideas such as the bulkiest jobs or projects that take up the most space, the most profitable jobs, jobs from the most important customer, jobs from the customers who complain the loudest, jobs with the most perishable raw materials or that have the greatest chance of becoming obsolete, whatever the boss tells them to do, and jobs with economies of scope (for example, similar setups on the machine). What about the television show M*A*S*H, where, via triage, the most-wounded patients were treated first. Triage had a fascinating caveat in the show, however, in that gut-wrenching decisions sometimes had to be made about severely wounded soldiers with less than a 50% chance of survival who might take, say, four hours of a surgeon’s time—in the meantime, several less-wounded soldiers might perish waiting for the surgeon to become available. Who should be worked on next?