Unless instructed otherwise by your tutor, please follow the below instructions: Word count 1,500 to 2,000 words Group size Individual submission File type Word processed Font 12 pitch font – Arial or Times New Roman Format Double spaced and justified Referencing Harvard system Assignment instructions: Use the following details to help structure your essay: For this assignment you need to submit one business plan of 1500 to 2000 words. Use the following details to help structure your business plan. Business Idea / Overview (10 marks) a) Give a desсrіption of the goods or services your business plans to provide b) Explain why the business is likely to succeed / USP / Differentiation strategy c) Explain what is happening in the economy, society, technology etc that make it a good idea to open this business d) Give details of your business name/logo or design Market Overview a) Research the market size and market growth of the industry/market b) Market segment – Brief overview of your main market segments- which types of consumers will you focus on and why c) Give details of main competitors d) Produce a SWOT analysis for your business Location a) Explain where you have decided to locate your business and why. Refer to your primary and secondary research where possible. b) Compare to at least one another suitable location that you considered. Explain why you made the final choice that you did. Legal Structure a) Which legal structure is most suitable for your business? Explain your reasons why. b) Compare to another suitable legal structure that you considered. Explain why you made the final choice that you did. Research and the marketing mix a) Analyse your primary research results and apply to your business. b) If you have conducted a survey, analyse the results using graphs. c) Explain how the primary research helped form your strategy / marketing mix? d) Link both the primary research and any useful secondary research to your marketing mix strategy. e) Create an integrated marketing mix that will help sell your product or service. f) Explain your marketing strategy for each of the four components: product, price, place, and promotion. Finance Section a) Explain your chosen sources of finance (short and long-term). Compare different suitable options. Justify reasons for your choice over others. b) Research and explain the fixed variable and start-up costs for the business c) Produce a budget(s) (e.g. Sales budget, cost budget, production budget, profit budget d) Calculate a break-even point and produce a break-even chart if relevant e) Produce a cash flow forecast Presentation and written quality a) Check your work for spelling and grammar. b) Present you work in an acceptable format c) Use Harvard referencing Appendix Research and additional information. Include a blank copy of your survey or interview questions here, depending on which type of primary research you used.