Explain the stark differences in society’s treatment of men and women. Some of the inequities we have explored are in :1-health,2-employment,3-child care,4-family leave,5-housing,6-job promotion,7-politics8-the arts.In a research and opinion paper, choose (2) two of the areas listed above and provide current information on the following advancements and positive changes or stagnation and no changes in the fight for equal rights and treatment for women.You may use these factors as a guide for your analysis and discussion;1- Discuss advocacy initiatives/groups2- Discuss wage changes: increases or equal to male counterparts3- Political advances: voting, political roles/offices won4- Child care/parental leave5- Economics: wealth vs. poverty6- Education: advanced degrees vs. dropout rates7- Health care: prenatal care, mortality rates of pregnant women8- Minority women: The impact of color9- The arts: Media and cultural institutions and women in power10- Housing: home ownership, access to loans