PICO Question- In adult intensive care settings, can the utilization of early progressive mobilization benefit mechanically ventilated patient outcomes compare to complete bed rest?The purpose of this scholarly paper is to examine a clinical practice that potentially impacts patient outcomes in the practice setting, that you may be asked to monitor and address from a quality/performance improvement perspective. Please select a topic, develop an EBP question in PICO format related to the topic, identify and explore the evidence related to that question, make practice recommendations based on the identified evidence, and develop an evaluation strategy to evaluate the impact of your recommended practice changes. The topic needs to be significant and relevant to nursing. Introduction: This is a basic paper introduction. You should begin with a generalized, global discussion that leads the reader toward the specific problem. Include “startling statistics and dire consequences” that are supported by evidence. Please conclude this section with the identification of your EBP question and purpose statement. The purpose statement needs to be a sentence that is easily identifiable (i.e. “the purpose of this paper is…”). And state your EBP question in PICO format (i.e. “The PICO question to address the specific purpose of this paper is:…”). Use appropriate references where needed. Search Strategies- Please provide a brief discussion of the search strategy used to find your evidence to include the following: Search terms used, Databases searched, Years searched, estimated number of total articles found in your search. Incorporate changes needed. please use the attachment documenting the search strategy used. Analysis of the Findings (Discussion of the Evidence)- Analysis & synthesis of the identified evidence (i.e. what facts did you gather from the review of the literature and what did they mean? Use data evidence as appropriate to make your point stronger). Strength and quality of the evidence as outlined by Stetler’s (2002) Discussion of Practice Recommendations 1. Based on your analysis of the evidence, please provide at least 2 practice recommendations that you would recommend for implementation in the practice setting. 2. Discuss how will you implement these recommendations into practice? What are the barriers to implementation? How would you overcome these?Evaluation Strategies- Discuss how you will evaluate the impact of your practice recommendations on patient outcomes. What outcomes would you measure (e.g. length of stay, infection rate, the incidence of VAP)? Where/how would you gather your data (patient charts, observation, and specially designed data collection sheet)?Conclusion and summary- What were the main points of the paper?