BOOK Club Scenario SCENARIO: Imagine that you facilitate a book club that include at least four members (you determine whom this would be) who are part of government, a non-governmental organization, and/or a non-profit office. Your job or mission is to envision,devise, and write a conversation about the book that takes place inyour imagined book club. You are the expert on the book and write thediscussion questions (convinced of the importance of the topic) and provide background and key ideas on the book’s issues. In case some in the book club do not read the book, you have to still provide them with key points on the book’s topics. You can write this in the form of a dramatic play with each person’s name followed by a colon for each book club member, such as, “Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan: I enjoyed reading this book.”PURPOSE: To show your enthusiasm, persuasion, and in-depthknowledge of one of the texts of the course in order to imagine howspecific community or governmental leaders would think about theideas in the book, and act in response to the ideas.Build this assignment around the following text for the class:Fresh Fruit; Broken BodiesInclude the following in your written out conversation (use this achecklist):–Introduce the book club members. Have book club membersintroduce themselves to a new member–Provide a brief summary of the book (use your own analysis andwriting). You may hone in on a particular section of the book as a focus.Explain why the topics covered in the book are important and needcivic, community, or governmental attention.–Explain the definition of environmental justice and how the bookhighlights environmental injustice.