Complete All AssignmentsCommunication is a critical component of every facet of an organization’s operation. Today’s information-based economy requires a growing number of employees to manager and process the information critical to the success of their organizations. Organizations communicate orally, in writing, and nonverbally. Selecting the best mode of communication requires careful analysis of the situation and the objectives to be accomplished by the communication. Many factors influence the decision to use one mode of communication over another, such as the:Anticipated response of the recipient to the way in which information is communicatedSensitivity of the situationThe speed requiredThe need for documentationDestination (internal or external) of the communication and the accessibility of the recipientThe costs involvedThe following assignments requires that you review the Student Professional Writing Guide provided to you by your professor, critically think of the mode of communication, decide on the message, and present a well-written response as instructed. Note that you will be graded on your critical thinking process, organization, convention, and content of your written communication.These assignments will be completed throughout the first couple of weeks of the course. Below is an overview of the assignments.Assignment 1—Comparative Analysis:A comparative analysis refers to the comparison of two or more ideas, whether that is models, theories or investments.Because of the remote location of your current job, your employer offers all employees the option of using $3,000 towards purchasing a car. You decided to buy a car and were interested in completing a comparative analysis to help you decide between buying a new car, buying a used car, and leasing a car.Complete a thorough comparative analysis of these options indicating your decision and the reasoning behind it.Assignment 2—Financing College Education:One of the largest, and most expensive, factors in deciding on what college to attend is how to pay for it. In recent years, the cost of college has steadily increased which has put a strain on students to finance their education. Because of the higher cost of education, students and parents have become more creative in planning for college.Explain options available to finance a college education and include scholarships, grants, federal aid, and loans in your discussion. What advice would you give to someone who is about to start his/her college education? How much loans should one get? How should paying for college education be part of one’s financial plans? MG105-Professional Writing AssignmentAssignment 3—Buying a House:Buying a home is likely the largest purchase you will make during your life time. Unlike any other type of purchase, home buying is typically an involved, long process that may take months to complete. A significant amount of research, learning, and negotiation takes place during that process.As part of your overall financial planning for the future, you start exploring the idea of home ownership. During this process you learn more about home ownership options and sources of funding. Research your preferred neighborhood real estate market and explain the difference between a coop, a condo, and a house. Also, detail three different types of mortgages and explain which type of real estate and mortgage would be best for you. What are your 5- and 10-year goals that will get you closer to achieving your goal of home ownership?