Based on your Dark Woods Coffee website(, you are commissioned to prepare an executive report to Dark Woods Coffee directors to address the following issue in consideration of the relevant literature and industry examples: Analyse Dark Woods Coffee’s macro and micro market environments and its potential market segments. Explain how you plan to target each segment through your digital marketing communications mediums. You should outline and critically evaluate your chosen digital marketing communications mediums. Your report should be produced in a professional report style and should contain no more than 3000 words excluding the references and appendices sections. Minimum Secondary Research Source Requirements: Level HE7 – It is expected that the Reference List will contain between fifteen to twenty sources. As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include four refereed academic journals and five academic books. Report structure should be presented as follows: Coverpage (including module information, report title, student number & word count)- Table of contents(include both a list of tables & a list of figures)- Executive Summary(briefly explain the purpose of the report and summarise the content sections)- Environment Analysis (macro & micro environment, DWC generic marketing strategy & existing/potential market segment/s) Recommendations (critically evaluate and propose your recommended digital marketing method/s to target DWC’s existing/potentialmarket segment/s) – Conclusion(summary of your environment analysis & recommendations)- References – Appendices- The word count of your report should be no more than 3000 words (excluding the cover page, table ofcontents, references, appendices). Additionally, it is highly recommended to applyMicrosoft Word automatic formatting; the process of formatting, structuring and creating a table of contents should be relatively easy and will save your time considerably. Citing in the textIn the text of your work you must cite the author or editor’s name and date of publication each time youparaphrase or summarise from a source of information. For a direct quote you must also include a page number, eg, (Drury, 2012, p.34).The citation can be placed in several places in the the beginning: Porter’s (1985) value chain model examines… the middle: central to service quality (Gabbottand Hogg, 1998), even though… the end: weaknesses in the service (Bateson and Hoffman, 1999). N.B. For sources with more than two authors or editors,cite the first author followed by et al., for example, the citation for the first book reference below would be (Ten Have et al., 2003). Secondary sources: you may refer to an author’s work which is included in a book or journal written by another author. You need to include both authors in the text citation. You should also include the relevant page number. (Harry, 2001 cited in Hannagan, 2008, p. 518)In the above example, Harry is the author of the work you are discussing and Hannagan is the author of the book containingthe summary of Harry’s work. In the reference list or bibliography you should only include a reference to the author of the actual book you have read, in this case, Hannagan CHAFFEY, D., & SMITH, P.R. (2017) Digital Marketing Excellence. 5th edition. Routledge. FILL, C., & TURNBULL, S. (2016) Marketing Communications: Discovery, Creation and Conversations. 7th edition. Pearson. KINGSNORTH., (2016) Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing. 1st edition. Kogan Page. ROWLES, D., (2014) Digital Branding: A complete step-by-step guide to strategy, tactics and measurement. 1st edition. Kogan Page. RYAN., D. (2016) Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation. 1st edition. Kogan Page.